Our donors and supporters

Founding companies

The Talents for Nuclear Foundation was set up by 3 founding companies who play an active role in running the Foundation:

Assystem is an international engineering company representing more than 5,000 employees in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As the key participant in the nuclear industry for the last 50 years, Assystem is today the 3rd independent nuclear engineering specialist in the world (ENR McGraw Hill rankings), with 2,500 nuclear experts worldwide.

Assystem is involved throughout the cycle, from fuel production to reprocessing, and from the design, commissioning and dismantling of nuclear installations.

Assystem has assisted the French nuclear players in the commissioning of the national park (58 reactors) and continues to be a privileged interlocutor on its maintenance, exploitation and development.

More information on www.assystem.com/en/home.html – Find Assystem on Twitter : @Assystem

Apave’s expertise: managing technical, human and environmental risks
Apave’s vision: helping companies and communities to improve the safety of people and goods, protect the environment, and optimise the performance of installations and buildings.
Our work in the nuclear sector
Apave is the partner of choice for French and international nuclear sector professionals. Their teams work with designers/construction workers, operators and project managers.

  • Operational Safety (power distribution, instrumentation and control, etc.);
  • Nuclear Pressure Equipment (NPE) conformity assessments with respect to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) regulations and ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority) guidance;
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing);
  • Manufacturing Certification (assessment modules H and G, quality control);
  • Safety Assessments;
  • Fire Risk Assessments;
  • Review and Management of Aging Facilities;
  • Seismic Risk Assessment;
  • Risk Management for Decommissioning (facility audits, independent review of operating procedures and decommissioning scenarios, waste management, etc.);
  • Qualification of Equipment and Products (functional tests, seismic tests, mechanical tests, EMC, IEEE-International Standard for qualifying electrical equipment, etc.);
  • Dimensional Metrology, electrical and physical;
  • Quality Control Training (PR – Risk Prevention, QSP – Safety-Quality for Contractors, HN – Quality Control Certification), specialist trades (welding, STARS – Technical Training in Radiation
  • Protection, bolted joints, etc.), design (construction codes RCC-M, RCC-MR, RCC-MRX, RCC-E, etc.).


NUVIA Structure
Innovative solutions for nuclear and highly regulated environments.

Nuvia’s offer covers the whole life cycle of nuclear and highly regulated facilities, from construction, operating and maintenance, through to decommissioning. The Group’s expertise covers 3 main areas: engineering, services and works, and products. Safety and security are at the core of their business, which covers civil and mechanical engineering, waste management, radiation protection, including nuclear measurements, and fire and flood protection.

Nuvia offers efficient and innovative solutions

Nuvia’s engineering services and products cover a wide range of fields :

  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Operator
  • Logistics
  • Risk Management
  • Nuclear Measurements
  • Containment
  • Radiation Protection and Safety
  • Mechanical Engineering and Processes
  • Decommissioning
  • Waste Management
  • Training

Throughout the life cycle of their clients facilities :

  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Life Extension
  • Decommissioning

Visit NUVIA Structure’s website : www.nuvia-group.com/en


For over 60 years, INSTN has been supporting the development of the nuclear sector with academic and professional training programmes in the field of nuclear technologies, and their industrial and radio pharmaceutical applications.

INSTN, an institute administered by the CEA, supports the scientific and industrial development of the French nuclear sector by transferring knowledge and competences. At INSTN, we provide highly specialised education and training courses in nuclear science and technology applied to the energy and health sectors, as all levels of qualification – from operator, to engineer or researcher.

Built on many years of experience, as well as our close links with CEA laboratories and high-level partners, INSTN (‘s expertise covers a wide range of fields of competence and specialisation required by nuclear sector professionals:

Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Applications in Human Health
Ionising Radiation
New Technologies and Alternative Energies

Visit INSTN’s website: www-instn.cea.fr/en/

Watch the video about INSTN :

Our donors

We value all of our wide ranging partners, who provide essential contributions to the Talents for Nuclear Foundation. It is these valued partnerships that inspire the Foundation in its innovative and entrepreneurial vision.


By supporting the Talents for Nuclear Foundation, you are helping fight against climate change and you are helping develop a promising sector.
By supporting the Talents for Nuclear Foundation, you are helping to promote the attractiveness of the low-carbon energy sector.
By supporting the Talents for Nuclear Foundation, you are contributing to the development of training programmes aligned with the operational needs of the sector’s companies.
By supporting the Talents for Nuclear Foundation, you are safeguarding the high level of excellence in French nuclear expertise.

Thank you for your support!

Afin de mieux accompagner le développement des compétences de la filière nucléaire, la Fondation INSTN fait peau neuve en se dotant d’un nouveau nom et s’appelle désormais Fondation Talents for Nuclear.