Our aims

The Talents for Nuclear Foundation’s main mission is to support INSTN in their development strategy, with two overall objectives:

  • To be a key international player in the field of Education and Training, and Research in low carbon energy;
  • To be a leading player in entrepreneurship in the energy field.


The Talents for Nuclear Foundation intends to become a recognised and involved player to train and recruit tomorrow’s talent in a promising sector. The actions supported by the Talents for Nuclear Foundation help in:

  • For security and exploring emerging fields.
  • For education and research in the field of low carbon energy.
  • For education and research in the health field.
  • Of companies and their social responsibilities.
  • Of society and its socio-economic challenges.
  • Of the medical sector and imaging needs.

The Talents for Nuclear Foundation’s projects are focused on four areas :

  • Contributing to the creation of Teaching Chairs . The creation of Teaching Chairs around key scientific and technological themes for the success of nuclear, renewables, and energy systems projects with corporate co-funding enables us to establish research and initial education projects. This system of sponsored Teaching Chairs ensures the creation of projects of public interest. Thus, the Teaching Fund contributes to the dissemination of knowledge and progress in research, nationally and even internationally.
  • Contributing to improving life conditions for students awarding scholarships for students following INSTN’s training programmes, providing support for international mobility, organising or supporting cultural or sporting events, creating and awarding student prizes, etc.
  • Funding the design of educational tools and facilities . Simulation tools, 3D printing, Augmented Reality, MOOCs, building FabLabs for attractive and effective training solutions.
  • Participating in transferring knowledge; improving awareness about energy issues, low carbon energy solutions, including nuclear and renewables, to the public, students and professionals.


To carry out our objectives, the Talents for Nuclear Foundation relies on donations from a various range of resources:

  • Donations from our founding and partner companies,
  • Donations from INSTN’s international partner companies and organisations that are keen to support the attractiveness of the low carbon energy sector, to develop training programmes aligned with the operational needs of companies and to safeguard the high level of excellence in nuclear expertise.
  • Fundraising campaigns,
  • Donations from INSTN graduates and former students,

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Afin de mieux accompagner le développement des compétences de la filière nucléaire, la Fondation INSTN fait peau neuve en se dotant d’un nouveau nom et s’appelle désormais Fondation Talents for Nuclear.