About Us

The Talents for Nuclear Foundation, sheltered by Fondation de France, was created on the 8th of December 2016, thanks to the support and donations of three companies: ASSYSTEM, APAVE and NUVIA Structure.

Our aim is to develop, promote and support education and training to support the nuclear sector and development of low carbon energy solutions.

The Talents for Nuclear Foundation supports INSTN in their goal of being a key player in the field of Education and Training, and Research in low carbon energy, both on the international and entrepreneurial levels.

Particularly committed to take action, three motivated companies – Apave, Assystem and Nuvia – came together with INSTN and therefore aim to:


The attractiveness of the sector, especially to future students.


Of knowledge and know-how of the nuclear sector, through INSTN’s Education and Training programmes.


Students’ life conditions and equal opportunities for students.

As part of the common values of the founding companies, the Talents for Nuclear Foundation defines actions to be carried out, with four major areas:

  • Contribute to the creation of Teaching Chairs;
  • Contribute to improving students’ life conditions: awarding scholarships, providing support for international mobility, organising or supporting cultural or sporting events, creating and awarding student prizes, etc.
  • Fund the design of educational tools and facilities: Augmented Virtual Reality, FabLabs, Simulation tools, etc.
  • Participate in transferring knowledge and contribute to innovation for security and investigating new areas corresponding both to companies’ requirements and their social responsibilities, as well as society’s expectations.


The fight against global warming, the improvement of population health, the design of sustainable energy systems involving all low-carbon energy sources, including nuclear and renewables in a responsible sense, represent major challenges for the energy sector in France and around the world.
These fields call for high levels of technical expertise and skills in managing complex projects. More than ever before, the nuclear industry needs new talent in both its industrial and medical aspects.

  • The nuclear field is changing. New reactor concepts, maintenance and aging of facilities, security, decommissioning, detection methods, partnerships – all these strategic areas affect programmes for Education and Training, research, innovation and development of the competences needed by companies.
  • Energy consumption is changing. Nowadays the energy mix is focused on renewable energy, energy savings, and connections between energy type and applications, as well as energy storage. All of these questions have major implications for decision makers and experts, in particular in terms of investments in the short and medium term, as well as the types of competences which are required.
  • Large-scale transformations and breakthrough technologies will play a key role in the energy sector. In collaboration with our national and international partner companies, the Talents for Nuclear Foundation has set itself the goal of attracting and training new talents in France and worldwide.


The Talents for Nuclear Foundation pays particular attention to following the principles of good governance. With Fondation de France’s support, we have access to a wide range of competences: financial, property, legal and tax advice, as well as expert advice on social issues.

  • The Talents for Nuclear Foundation is governed by an Executive Committee made up of:
    • 3 Directors representing the founding companies: 1 representative from Assystem, 1 from Apave, 1 from Nuvia Structure.
    • 2 qualified individuals selected for their nuclear expertise.
    • The Director of INSTN.

Executive Committee Members :

Founding Members
Representative from ASSYSTEM – Mr. Christian JEANNEAU, Senior Vice President Nuclear
Representative from APAVE – Mr. Yannick LE GONIDEC, Director of Nuclear Business Line
Representative from NUVIA Structure – Mr. Bruno LANCIA, Executive Director (President of the Talents for Nuclear Foundation)

Qualified individuals
Mr. Martin BOISSAVIT – Research Engineer, EDVANCE
Mr. Pierre DOUMONT – Consultant Engineer, Safety Connect Doumont

Director of INSTN

Two other representatives take part to the Executive Committee with a consultative vote:

  • 1 representative from Fondation de France :
    Ms Karine PASQUET, Private Funds and Research & Training Programmes Manager at Fondation de France
  • The General Delegate:
    Ms. Kisty GOGAN, consultant Clean Tech Catalyst, co-founder of the NGO “Energy for Humanity”

Afin de mieux accompagner le développement des compétences de la filière nucléaire, la Fondation INSTN fait peau neuve en se dotant d’un nouveau nom et s’appelle désormais Fondation Talents for Nuclear.